Lawyer-transport is the law firm specializing in advising and representation of interests of transport forwarders, automobile carriers, customers transportation and consignees.

The guarantee of success in rendering legal services on transport is the system knowledge of norms of a transport law, their skillful practical application and presence of wide judicial practice.

Lawyers of our company specialized many years on rendering of service to the enterprises in the sphere of trucking. For these years our lawyers developed effective mechanisms on protection of the rights of clients both in a pre-trial and in a court order on all territory of Ukraine and abroad, based on the national and international legislation.

Our lawyers are qualified in the transport law of Ukraine, the Russian Federation, the Belarusian Republic, Austria, Germany, Italy and other countries of the European Union.

We render services both to Ukrainian clients, and to foreign clients.

In the work we are guided by such indicators, as high-quality rendering services, a conscientious attitude to execution of the undertaken obligations.

Our unique experience, professionalism and knowledge – our indisputable advantage.

Trusting our company, you can be always sure of reliable protection of your business.